Oxford University print maps

Series of small-scale up-to-date print maps (colour, greyscale and high contrast) for Oxford University publications and pdfs.

The maps follow best practice usability and legibility guidance on colour contrast and typography. The main map typeface is a sans serif with a large x-height so labels are legible at very small sizes. One of the original City Centre maps used shapes to distinguish types of building – I refined and extended these so that the maps don’t depend on colour coding to portray distinctions.

For each map I combined different sources to create a base then redrew the map layer by layer. I made six types of maps: four campus maps, a general region map, and a local area roads and parking map. The campus maps are for the University’s City Centre, Science Area, Begbroke Science Park, and Old Road Campus.

I later extended my series design to create new wayfinding maps for the University’s Radcliffe Observatory Quarter.

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Advice, design, map redrawing and layered artwork.


  • Wayfinding and maps consultancy
  • Typography and graphic design
  • Layout, typesetting and artwork


Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

Oxford University print maps: region map
Oxford University region map
Oxford University print maps: local area map
Oxford University local area map
Oxford University print maps: colour Old Road Campus map detailOxford University print maps: high contrast Old Road campus map detail
Colour and high contrast Old Road Campus map details
Oxford University print maps: City Centre mapOxford University print maps: City Centre map listing
City Centre map and listing (A4)
Oxford University print maps: City Centre detail
City Centre map detail
Oxford University print maps: colour trials
Early trials: exploring colour options for Oxford University print maps

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