CAO medical conference website

Annual Caribbean Association of Otolaryngology (CAO) medical conference website: arrange web hosting etc. and create a simple information and registration website to work cross-platform and on multiple types of devices.

Also managed registration process, which was offered through two routes: complete online form then pay offline, or pay online (using event registration system Amiando).

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Clear language editing and writing, concept/visual identity, design, build, maintenance, and registration management.


  • Clear language writing
  • Branding
  • Image research and editing
  • Typography and graphic design
  • Website design, build and maintenance
  • Forms design
  • Project management.


WordPress child theme with additional HTML and CSS.

The CAO revised their main website after the 2014 conference; their updated website adopted some of the typography, information architecture and content I used to create the 2014 conference website.

CAO website on different devices
CAO conference web pages on different devices
CAO website homepage
CAO Bermuda website homepage
CAO website page
Online registration form
CAO website page
CAO Bermuda website page showing site footer

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