Focus Editorial Services identity and website

New professional identity and website for copy-editing and proofreading company ‘Focus Editorial Services’.

Suggest improvements to site architecture (e.g. site-wide links and surfacing contact information on all pages). Arrange web hosting etc. and design and build website optimised for multiple devices (mobile, tablet, desktop and print).

Develop a light visual identity (logo, colour palette, typography and images). Create new web images as part of the new identity to be applied to stationery and marketing materials.

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Concept and visual identity, and website design, build and maintenance.


  • Branding
  • Information architecture
  • Typography and graphic design
  • Image research and editing
  • Website design, build and maintenance
  • Project management.


WordPress with additional HTML and CSS.

Website url

Focus Editorial Services site on different devices
New Focus Editorial Services site on different handheld devices
Focus Editorial Services homepage
Focus Editorial Services homepage on larger screen
Focus Editorial Services original site
Before redesign: original homepage used a free system theme
Focus Editorial Services site page
Page from new Focus Editorial Services site

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