Working with you

My design and consultancy projects range from designing clear language documents, to building simple powerful websites, to designing maps and signs, and writing wayfinding reports.

I work on projects for clients from different sectors.

Your needs

Do you need a designer/design consultant? I can:

  • make your reports, documents and forms easier to use
  • recreate a set of items or templates to match a new brand
  • make your newsletter and in-house communications in-brand and professional
  • review or devise the wayfinding strategy for your site/campus/building(s)
  • help with a wide variety of projects.

How I can help

I will work with you to create clearer, simpler information and to plan your design projects – whether digital, print or physical.

Ask a question or request a quote

For a chat about how I can help with your design needs – or for an initial quote – please get in touch or complete my query form.