Wayfinding maps for Radcliffe Observatory Quarter

New wayfinding maps for the redeveloped Radcliffe Observatory Quarter (ROQ) at Oxford University.

The maps extend the series style I developed for the University’s new print maps.

Work involved site audits to recommend map positions and supporting signage. The maps were all redrawn to show the site and its immediate area. There are two sizes: large (A1) and small (A4).

Unlike the University’s new print maps, these maps are for wayfinding. Features include access routes, building entrances, accessible parking, bus stops and cash points. The on-site maps are heads-up/user-oriented ‘you are here’ maps.

The A4 map is in colour, greyscale and high contrast. The A4 map is for general printing and visitor information packs.

The maps follow best practice usability and legibility guidance on colour contrast and typography.

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Advice, site audits, design, map redrawing and layered artwork.


  • Site audits
  • Wayfinding and maps consultancy
  • Typography and graphic design
  • Layout, typesetting and artwork


Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

ROQ (Oxford University) wayfinding maps: A4 colourROQ (Oxford University) wayfinding maps: A4 high contrast
Radcliffe Observatory Quarter A4 maps: colour and high contrast
ROQ (Oxford University) wayfinding maps: on-site mapROQ (Oxford University) wayfinding maps: on-site map 2
Example Radcliffe Observatory Quarter A1 user-oriented site maps
ROQ (Oxford University) wayfinding maps: on-site map detail
Radcliffe Observatory Quarter A1 user-oriented site map detail
ROQ (Oxford University) wayfinding maps: annotated plan
Page from annotated plan showing locations and positions for the new maps and signs

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